Oral hygiene is one of the cornerstones of overall good health. Many people are not aware of how important it is to keep teeth, gums and mouth in optimal conditions to be in harmony. The process of maintaining good oral hygiene begins at birth and continues throughout life. Oral hygiene should be complete in all stages of life of the individual. This means that there are no stages in which the teeth should be cared for with less intensity than in other stages. Nowadays, a good dental esthetic appearance is also very important for social interaction.

Basic oral hygiene

Basic oral hygiene is quite simple and the benefits are lifelong. To begin with, parents should teach their children that teeth should be brushed every day, three to four times each day. The two most important teeth brushings are when getting up in the morning and at night before going to bed. This habit is extremely important and once a child is used to brushing his teeth every day, he will never give up this habit.


Brushing your teeth every day brings benefits such as less chances of suffering cavities, feeling fresh mouth all day long, having whiter teeth, among others. However, you may have habits that damage your dental health and the aesthetics of your teeth. Drinking coffee, drinking alcohol in excess, eating sweets, etc, favors the appearance of cavities and other problems. To avoid these problems it is essential that you visit your dentist at least three times a year to check your oral health. You cannot fully control your oral health.

Supplemental oral hygiene

Daily oral hygiene is based on brushing your teeth with a good quality toothbrush to remove the bacterial plaque that accumulates throughout the day. Toothpaste performs the cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and strong throughout the year. However, traditional toothbrushing sometimes fails to deeply clean the gums and spaces between the teeth. Flossing can ensure a more thorough cleaning. Mouth freshness is also necessary for you to feel confident throughout the day. Daily use of mouthwash ensures a clean and fresh mouth as the hours go by.

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