Workers’ compensation benefits might be an option for you if you’ve become injured while at work in California. These benefits cover expenses, such as medical costs, salary payments that are missed out on, and other losses that have come as a result of the incident. Here, we’ll let you know how workers’ compensation benefits work in California.

How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation

You must let your employer know about your accident at work within 30 days of it happening. They’ll then give you a Division of Workers’ Compensation Form (DWC-1) to complete. You’ll need to fill this out and have it returned within 24 hours of receiving it. Your injury will have to be evaluated by the doctor associated with the workers’ compensation insurance that applies to you. Your claim may take up to 90 days to be assessed by your insurance company.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Available?

With workers’ compensation benefits, you can be given the right to the following:

  • Medical cover
  • Disability benefits for the first two years
  • Permanent disability benefits if you have to retire as a result of the injury
  • Training required for any change in job role that is needed due to an inability to remain within your current role

You might want to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in California to help deal with your case. This is because the medical doctors are working in response to the insurer’s claims, rather than yours. Since they have conflicted interests in having your claim refused, having a professional lawyer you can trust will be beneficial here. This will allow you to ensure you have the best chance of receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

What Settlement Options are Available?

Your lawyer might advise you about two worker’s compensation settlement options that are available in California. These include:

  • Stipulation with Request for Award
  • Compromise and Release

The main difference between the two settlements lies in the amount your insurance will pay out as the claim unfolds.

Stipulation with Request for Reward

Here, you’re able to receive ongoing medical help if you’re doctor grants it. This will most often be the settlement used when you’re returning to work for the same company and when your insurance company continues to fund your medical costs.

Compromise and Release

With a Compromise and Release, you get more autonomy over your medical care. With this settlement, depending on how your claim progresses, you may or may not still receive medical insurance as time moves on.

Your Professional Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in California

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