For pet owners who love pampering their dogs, Puparazzi LA is one of the many luxury dog hotels you can choose to take care of your pet. Dog daycare, home care when you have to travel for work, or a spa date for your four-legged friend, are a few of the many services your dog will love when visiting a hotel or being pampered at home. What should you look for in a dog daycare hotel and homecare service company? 

Do they love animals? The team not only treats your dog like family but will do everything to take care of them while you’re away. As a pet owner, you want to know your dog is in caring and loving hands. You need to make sure those who are going to take care of your dog love animals, are going to treat them like their pets, and are going to do everything possible to make sure your dog is safe and happy. 

What amenities are available? Spa, daycare, lounging, training services, and more. Whether you want to pamper your dog with a spa day, or just have a professional train them when they’re a puppy, it’s important to choose a hotel or dog daycare clinic, that has the amenities, the trainers, and the right team in place to work with your dog. 

How much do their services cost? Yes, you are treating your dog, and you are giving them luxurious amenities they’re going to love. Whether that’s home care when you’re away or leaving them at a pup spa and hotel that pampers them, they’re going to love the attention. However, you shouldn’t overpay for that attention. When selecting the pup daycare and hotel look for

  • Discounted rates if your dog stays multiple nights
  • Discounts and saving coupons
  • First-time customer discounts or deals
  • Loyalty programs if you are a frequent customer and other savings

You do not have to overpay for pup care, just because you want to pamper your dog for the day or have to leave them with a professional when you are traveling for work. But some establishments do overcharge dog owners. If you want to know your dog is in the best hands, is being cared for by a great team, and that you aren’t overpaying for the care they are going to receive, make sure you ask these questions when selecting the dog hotel and spa you’ll eventually leave them with.