SMS Marketing is a technology that uses text messaging to share deals, promotional offers, and information. It is one of the earliest launched mobile technology used by marketers to communicate with potential consumers directly. An example is Textedly is an industry approved SMS marketing software chosen and preferred by world-class firms. Read below to understand how SMS marketing works.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

SMS Marketing is still a useful marketing tool currently. The standard SMS marketing ad has a 90% open rate, a 45% conversion rate, and is usually read within two minutes after being received. This is an efficient strategy to interact with many potential customers for big firms and brands.

The main advantage is the SMS marketing does not use the internet, which means even the non-smartphone users can be a target too. SMS messages are sent via heavily regulated cellular carriers, compared to alternative marketing channels.

SMS Marketing Formats

the different basic formats that marketers can use include;

  • SMS sales alerts. These alerts are practical and useful in letting potential customers about offers and promotional deals. Big brands use SMS alerts for special promotions, website links, or coupons, and any other details.
  • SMS Keywords. SMS keywords allow users to enter a specific number or phrase that triggers an automated response. They can be used when companies want customers to sign up for their services.
  • SMS Reminders. Companies that function based on appointments send these messages and reminders that inform the users about any upcoming event or meeting. They usually request customers to reply with a keyword, mostly to confirm the meeting or appointment.

These marketing messages can be scheduled to be sent at particular dates and times. Companies can send these marketing messages to an unlimited number of people, all at once with a single click. A good SMS marketing like Textedly has cool functional features like;

  • It allows customers to reply with multimedia messages like pictures.
  • Allows link-customization. Companies can shorten and customize their links down to a few characters before sending them to customers.

According to Forbes, SMS Marketing is preferred to push notification and email marketing services. It is faster and reaches a broader range of potential customers.

Bottom Line

SMS Marketing is easy to use for both the customers and the companies sending the messages. Most of these messages do not cost a dime to read, especially since they do not require the internet to access. The fantastic features offered on Textedly puts SMS Marketing on a global scale as one of the most modern and efficient marketing methods.