Apr 11 2015

You are Invited to Participate in a World Wide Event


Language of Interfaith
The Future of Conflict Resolution
Through the Eyes of Youth
Monday April 27, 2015 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT
On Line with Maestro Conference
Your Hosts
Rev. Claudia Roblee
Rev. Robert Hrasna
Project Partners



An On-Line

World Café Pre-Parliament Event

 Connecting you to the 

Parliament of World's Religions

Salt Lake City, October 2015

 Be Part of the Experience!

Join us for a meaningful conversation that fosters the Language of Interfaith and cultivates pathways from Interfaith Dialogue to Spiritual Activism.   

We are reaching out to you because we'd like to hear your perspectives as someone who cares deeply about Interfaith and the proposed discussion topic. We invite you to this world wide event to share your Interspiritual viewpoint on:

"The Future of Conflict Resolution Through the Eyes of Youth."  


Our Request:

Would you be willing to represent your viewpoint and share with us your perspective on this topic as we have a global conversation on how best to vision the future for youth?


Join us for the on-line World Cafe event which is a deep interactive technique that allows you to actively contribute to this conversation and share your perspective with others from around the world.


"Sometimes it is the power of a

single story or a single word that changes a life and changes history. It is our words and stories that form a common bond between us."

Click the Link Below to Register

If you cannot attend but would like to share your perspectives and thoughts please contact us for a"Virtual Participant Package."

Thank you for your response and we look forward to seeing you at our World Cafe!
Claudia Roblee

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