May 22 2016

Women’s Walk to build interfaith sisterhood and to heal continuing suffering — Goldman Promenade, Jerusalem

From Elana Rozenman - Trustee of the Multiregion, and from our friends in the Middle East...

TRUST WIN -- Women's Interfaith Network of Christian, Druze, Jewish, and Muslim women -- Israeli and Palestinian -- walked slowly and silently on the Goldman Promenade in Jerusalem to strengthen women's interfaith sisterhood and heal past suffering during this period commemorating Holocaust Day, Israeli Memorial Day, Land Day, Nakba Day.  Because two Israeli women were stabbed last week where we walked, we had a police escort. 

leading the walk1

There were over fifty women, children, and babies -- ranging from 6 months old to 75 - coming from Daliat AlCarmel, Furedis, and Tiberias in the North, and from various neighborhoods of Jerusalem.  We held our Opening Circle overlooking the panaroma of East and West Jerusalem including the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sherif.  

Powerful shofar blasts were sounded by two beautiful women from Tiberias who had come with children and babies , awakening us all to magnificence of our surroundings and the significance of the powerful event we were sharing.  Ibtisam Mahamid, Elana Rozenman and Siham Halabi welcomed the women and set the tone of deep sisterhood to bond and strengthen us to withstand the violence of our conflict.  As we proceeded our meditation walk entering the Goldman Promenade the children scampered ahead throwing pine cones and laughing.  Women pushed strollers and carried babies as we looked out at the serene vistas stretching all the way to Jordan and the Hills of Moab.  Women walking singly or arm in arm watching birds, trees, and flowers.  At the ampitheatre we had refreshments and sang and danced together contemplating the vast expansive view and getting to know each other.  

We distributed copies of "No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow" in Hebrew and Arabic written by Barbara Meislin - who graciously supported this event.  We are continually grateful to Richard and Rhoda Goldman and Lawrence Halprin for giving Jerusalem this magnificent gift!  We invite everyone to come and walk with us here....

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