Jun 19 2017

Welcome to Multiregion’s newest CC: The Chaplaincy Institute!

Welcome to URI, Chaplaincy Institute! 

The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) trains interfaith leaders in spiritual direction, chaplaincy and spiritual service. The institute and its community is described as “infused with a spirit of harmonious living among peoples and respect for the diversity of all creation. Since 1999, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing new models of spiritual leadership and creative ministry to promote religious peace and understanding.” 

The part of Chaplaincy Institute that us joining us here in the Multiregion is a sub-community of ChI faculty, community members, allies and alumni, who are creating an “eco-ministry intensive”  as part of the Institute’s offerings. They see the environment as a crucial common ground for different religions and wish their students to be trained in Wiccan, Pagan, Indigenous, and Eco-Spirituality traditions and further their studies of various spiritual care practices, theological literacy and public speaking. 

Our newest CC looks forward to partnering with others in URI to create greater local awareness and increased resiliency as growing community.


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