Apr 07 2017

URI India & Afghanistan launch blog

A message from our North India branch:

With immense joy and hope, we at URI North India and Afghanistan are excited to share with you: UMEED (Hope), our blog and an online space for conversations and reflections where we hope to bring forward alternative narratives of a world that still believes in the power of unity, love, compassion, harmony and humanity.

UMEED is a small step taken by us  to reiterate values and faith in cross and inter-cultural dialogues, discussions and conversations to combine the age-old traditions inherent in the teachings of every faith, religion, community on humanity, goodwill, compatibility and coexistence with the new-age tool of the internet and social media.  

Through our web presence, we would like to open up the space to like-minded individuals, groups or collectives to engage in and carry on  dialogues and conversations beyond physical limitations and territorial boundaries.  For this, we would love to hear from anyone who is willing to put a message of solidarity out in the world, and believes that it is possible to create cultures of peace amongst people from different backgrounds  and contribute to the following (but not limited to):

Essays, Articles, Travel Journals, Personal experiences, Food and Gastronomic indulgences, Photos, Photo-essays, Graphic sketches and depictions, Poetry/ Short-stories, Videos, Music and anything else that interests the mind and touches the heart…

The entries can be academic or non academic writing and should be sent at:  [email protected]

Note: Though it is a process of rolling applications accepting entries and contributions throughout the week and month, it would be very kind if interested contributors could send in their entries by Tuesday evening of each week. Also, in case of write-ups it would be great if they are within the 600 (min.)- 1000 word range.

We would love to receive contributions in any language, yet the selection and editing of entries in languages other than English/Hindi would be subject to availability of interpreters.In case of any query or doubt please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or our editor in chief: Padmini Ghosh:  [email protected]

                                      Here’s to HOPE!!!

To see a news item from your CC featured here, please contact [email protected]

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