Apr 04 2012

The University Museum at Texas Southern

The University Museum at Texas Southern


The 1000Words | 1000Kalema Exhibition

A Photographic Odyssey: Messages from Around the World

March 2—April 1, 2012

For Immediate Release March 30, 2012

MORE on What's your view of the world?

Take a journey into other worlds during the month of March at the University Museum at Texas Southern with the 1000Words | 1000Kalema Exhibition, March 2nd through April 1st.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, and

a thousand words creates the stories.”

P.K. McCary

As we come to the end of this exhibition this weekend's events will culminate with moments of inspiration, poignancy and epiphany. The narratives of people's lives is a gift to us. These narratives help us to understand the "other" and what you learn is that we really aren't all that different after all. Join us to finish the stories within stories started by asking this simple question: "What's Your View of the World!"

Saturday, March 31st from 2 to 4 p.m.

Through the Eyes of a Child (Part 2)

Learn About the World through the Lens of a Camera

Come meet and hear Ray Carrington and Earlie Hudnall, two photographers who have filmed the world as they know it. They have also shared their experiences with young people over the years and understand the power of photographic narratives. Learn about the impact of photography on one's view of the world. The afternoon event will have demonstrations along with a tour of the exhibit currently on display. Mr. Hudnall will showcase his work over the years.

In addition, many came last week and helped us make peace cranes, learning the story behind the cranes and one young Japanese girl named Sadako. While dying of leukemia, she learned of the legend that anyone who made 1,000 paper cranes would be granted a wish. Her wish--world peace.

"I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world." Sadako Sasaki

Now, thousands upon thousands of peace cranes are done each year. One of the reasons is to remind people of the devastation of war and its cost. At one of our events for the 1000 Words | 1000 Kalema exhibition, we hope to make 1,000 peace cranes between now and the second week of October for The Children's Sabbath.

Bring your children to The University Museum and learn about origami peace cranes. Packages to make your own peace cranes with your group or organization will be made available on Saturday. Sign up packages for Gandhi-sponsored competitions will also be made available.

Sunday, April 1st (Last Day of Exhibition)

Moments of Inspiration, Poignancy and Epiphany

through Song, Dance and Spoken Word

Come enjoy music, dance, and spoken word on this last day of the exhibition. The University Museum opens at Noon. Also, come make origami peace cranes and lend your voices to positive narratives about peace initiatives, including how we can stop violence in our communities. The grand experiment begins--sharing our narratives with the world. We'll tape your contribution to the discussions on current issues. Also, come learn about how this exhibition began and how you can participate with Think Peace International.

 CALL ME AT 831-233-9361 for more information.

 Looking forward to seeing you there. P.K. McCary

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