Nov 22 2011

Support Freedom, Support Egypt

Support Freedom, Support Egypt

While I am abroad, thousands of miles away from my homeland Egypt, watching overwhelming violence carried out by the military and police forces against peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo chanting peacefully for the sake of democracy and end the military rule in Egypt.

This scene just reminds me 10 months ago on January 25, 2011; I first joined Tahrir Square at almost 03:00 pm to join peaceful protesters chanting to topple Mubarak and his regime.

Now I can just remember the first feeling I had when I stepped into Tahrir square on January 25. A mixed feeling of fear, anger and brand new feeling of passion, I can tell I smelled the essence of freedom in there. I remember now where did we used to hide from the police forces trying to avoid any confrontation leads to violence, I remember how did we used to chant and scream loudly, PEOPLE DEMAND THE DOWNFALL OF THE REGIME. People around me was falling apart one after another; some got shot in eyes some on legs and other received direct live ammunition in heart and necks. Victims were around, covering every space in Tahrir, almost like a war zone, no enough blood bags in the nearby hospitals and no enough ambulance cars; I still can hear the voices of the ambulances cars trying their best to accommodate four to five injured people in a space made for only two persons. I still can recall the faces of the medicine schools students volunteering their time and expertise to help the victims, they were not yet doctors, but they saved thousands of lives and treated thousands of wounded people, not because they professionals in what they were doing, it was because they had an inner energy supported by the nobility of the cause that neither Mubarak nor his armored forces could stop by any kind of weapons.

I still remember these smiley youthful faces that I met in Tahrir sq. chanting in morning and singing and sharing food in the evening, I have tons of thousands of stories in my mind recalling them from 18 days of revolution in Tahrir square and other places in Egypt about how the revolution brought out peaceful civilized and well-manner people from our insider personalities. For long years, many people from all around the world maintained their stereotypes about the uncivilized inhabitants of Egypt, but these young peaceful smiles came to tear down all these stereotypes and managed to get the support and gain the respect of the world in only 18 days after years and years of ice walls built between one another.

Today, November 22, from thousands of miles far away from Tahrir square, while I  am away from Egypt, I knew that this day will come, second day of rage where people will upraise once more against the military crimes against humanity in Egypt. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that this day will come and I will be that far away where I feel paralyzed of not being able to help or being engaged in the events.

The military along with the police forces attacked and still attacking peaceful protesters in Tahrir square using chemically dangerous tear gas bombs against peaceful protesters. Over 30 death cases and more than 700 injuries, yet protesters still chanting "Salmya, Salamya" means "we are Peaceful, Peaceful". This is no doubt another battle for freedom from brave young Egyptians demanding freedoms and dignity, teaching the dictators another lesson that the will of the people always wins no matter what the dictators may offer against their will.

I am writing these words while I can't stop my tears running from my eyes, I wish I am there with my fellow citizens, I will not mind losing my eyes, legs, arms or even my soul, what would I do with my eyes in a repressive regime? Would I want to see broken hearts and heads every day? What will do with my legs in an autocratic regime? Walk among other broken people? What will I do with my arms in a military dictatorship? Use them to put my voting card in a black box knowing that this election will be faked and I will not be able say NO? We made a peaceful revolution 10 months ago, and we will not give up, we will continue struggle until our demands of democratic and free country are met. We will not do half revolution, we wanted and we will do it a role model for how people may revolute peaceful and make their demands met.

I feel so down now comparing myself setting on my computer typing this words, having my warm dinner in my table while other people are just fighting and dying for freedom on my behalf,,,, I am away and maybe not able to go back to homeland at the moment, but I am faithful that there are real heroes back home whom are committed to bring freedom and rights and fight strongly against any type of autocracy, we decided that we will no longer accept any sort of violation.

Those who bet on police solutions against peaceful, rightful and persistent protesters are no doubt losers; learn the lesson from last January where people brought down one of the strongest dictators in only 18 days. Mubarak's regime fell down faster than anyone has expected. And let's all not forget that," the power of people is stronger than people in power".

I herewith, ask for your prayers, wishes and all the possible ways of support for peaceful protesters facing enormous violence by the military and police forces in Egypt.  Please let make their voices heard everywhere in the world.

Support freedom, Support Egypt

Abdallah Hendawy

November 22, 2011

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