Jun 07 2015

Saturday’s Artists Brighter than EVER

The artists at Our House are doing extraordinary work, for themselves and the community. You still have time to support artist Andrea Brooks in her endeavor to go to the next round of grant selection for Chase's Mission Street Grants. Her work to make a difference for those who are challenged to do the simple tasks of day-to-day living is worthy of your attention. Andrea has taken inspiration from the plight of someone she cares about, and her creativity has taken a new direction with her designs. Andrea Brooks says that her friend's inability to feed himself, sparked an idea worked through Andrea's Creative Designs. Her creativity was stirred and her new project consists of designing a food server for physically challenged individuals allowing them the opportunity feed themselves with independence and dignity. Please VOTE for her at and know that you'll also be making a difference in someone's life.

The Artists' Challenge: Art that Makes You THINK

What is inspiration? And how does inspiration make a difference in the world? This month begins more of Our House series: Saturday Artists. First, we have our first male artist to take Saturday by storm. With his exhibition Thought-Trigger, artist Marc Antony explores the concept of how images trigger thoughts that are unique to the viewer. Through a series of abstract and surreal art work, Marc Antony invites the viewer to observe and share what thoughts the imagery triggers in the mind. It inspires. It provokes. You won't want to miss this.

See Thought-Trigger this Saturday, June 13th through June 20th

Our next artists, Brandy Shields, is sometimes called the Urban Goddess. Hailing from the Islands, Ms. Shield brings urban reality to her work. Using the unusual, a piece of canvas or inner tubes from a tire, she makes remarkable pieces of art that can be worn or displayed. An environmentalist of the truest nature, she gardens and walks, finding pieces of life that become something altogether different. What is creativity? And how does creativity add depth to life? Well, Ms. Shields philosophy is simple. One man's junk is this artist's treasure.

ART UpCycled Comes to Our House on June 27th through July 4th




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