Jul 26 2015

Sami Yusuf sings at CARAVAN’s London event for THE BRIDGE

Sami Yusuf sings

at CARAVAN's London event for THE BRIDGE


In addition to visual art, CARAVAN’s initiatives also involve the full-range of creative artistic expression, including the fields of music, literature, and film.  CARAVAN was privileged to have Sami Yusuf, the celebrated Middle Eastern singer/songwriter perform as part of THE BRIDGE program in London.

Above you can watch and listen to Sami Yusuf singing his song “The Gift of Love” in London which was originally commissioned for the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. The actual song starts after an opening chant (at 2:30 minutes).  It is a beautiful and contemplative piece, and we encourage you to step aside from life’s busyness for a few moments to listen to it.  CARAVAN wishes to thank Sami Yusuf for the special gift of his presence.

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