Apr 24 2016

[Podcast] Interfaith on the Menu


Like dousing your meal with hot sauce, we've kicked Common Knowledge up a notch, based on some great feedback we've gotten from our listeners. The official IFYC podcast now has a fresh new layout, some snazzy new audio equipment to record our stellar guests, and a delicious new episode to show it all off.

In Interfaith on the Menu: The Shared Value of Food, our hosts take a lunch break to find out how food can bridge the interfaith gaps that words can't manage alone. Carr and Prerna talk turkey (but not bacon) about engaging diversity with the owners of a kosher BBQ restaurant, and find out what growing tomatoes has to do with learning about religious values. 

From Langar meals in Sikhism, to Muslim iftars during Ramadan, to the Jewish Passover sedars being held this very weekend, food holds a key place in our different faiths and philosophies. If you're going to do interfaith engagement, make sure you keep food on the table.

Common Knowledge is a regular IFYC podcast featuring interviews and stories that highlight the importance of "interfaith literacy", the knowledge necessary to navigate and lead in our religiously diverse world.




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