Aug 26 2014

Pesach / Passover and Dr. Mohammed Dajani of Wasatia

A News story from April of this year...

Dear Friends,

As we Jews prepare for our Pesach/Passover Seder and the re-telling of our experience of Moses leading our exodus from slavery in Egypt, we are deeply mindful of the freedom we Jews now experience in our land, and in the various countries we live -- and the need to liberate ourselves from all that continues to oppress us - internally and externally. 

 In this atmosphere, I share with you the below two recent articles about our courageous colleague Dr. Mohammed Dajani who led a group of Palestinian students on an inspiring visit to Auschwitz - and has suffered much criticism as a result. Here are the links, and the text is below: 

We are acutely aware that we are at a crossroads in the fateful peace negotiations taking place between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  We are also aware of the need for both peoples to liberate ourselves from those that fan the hatred and vengeance that enslave us, and prevent us from finding ways to trust and live in harmony. 

Dr. Mohammed told me:  "Please help us let the world know that the Israeli people and the Palestinian people want peace and reconciliation."  

We need the whole world to support us equally to find our paths to peace. 

We bless ourselves and everyone to continually find ways to lead ourselves and others out of the slavery of hatred and fear with their endless cycles of violence.  We bless ourselves and everyone to enjoy the sweet fruits of liberation from all the binds us and blinds us.  

For centuries, we end our seder saying "Next year in Jerusalem".  I bless us that next year we will gather together in a Jerusalem of peace and harmony. 

Blessings and love,


Elana Rozenman
Executive Director

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