Sep 29 2016

Peace - A Simple Dialogue and a Call for Prayers

Dear all,

As some of you may have come to know right now there is a grave tension going on between Pakistan and India due to the disputed territory of Kashmir. I appeal each one of you to pray that all issues between these two countries may be resolved through peaceful means and dialogue and not through WAR.

For your information both countries have abundant nuclear weapons which can result in the killing of millions of people. 

Requesting your prayers,

fr James Channan OP
URI Regional Coordinator  Pakistan.

A response from Israel: 

Dear Fr. James and URI family,

We already had begun praying earlier for peace to prevail in Pakistan and India - we follow the struggle in Kashmir with tremendous concern for the people of Kashmir, and the peoples of India and Pakistan.  The whole world needs to support your appeal for peace and dialogue.

We here in Jerusalem are also going through a very tense time with the funeral of our late President Shimon Peres. Not only are hundreds of dignitaries and world leaders arriving bringing all the attendant concern for their security and well-being, but Hamas has declared a Day of Rage for tomorrow during the funeral events.  Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  

Blessings and love,

Elana Rozenman

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