Jan 24 2016

Living an Intentional Life

We go through our days, running our chores through our head, completing the to-do list.  We are going through the motions of living our life without much thought.  

What would happen if we lived an intentional life where everything you do is done mindfully and every moment is considered a sacred moment?  Where every action is done with conscious intent to fulfill your core values?  Let's take washing the dishes as an example.  Obviously, washing the dishes will keep your kitchen neat tidy, but it is a chore we do just to get it done.  But what if we said before we started, "washing the dishes is a service to my family and a form of meditation for me"?  How would that change the dynamics of washing the dishes?

Can embracing an intentional life make a difference for you?  If you are already living intentionally how has this made your life different, and, would you be willing to share with others what practices have helped you achieve this?

Join us this Tuesday evening, January 26th, at 8 PM EST, on Maestro Conference to engage in meaningful conversation with others about living an intentional life.


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