Jul 01 2011

Leveling the Playing Field

Leveling the Playing Field, by Sowmya Ayyar Do you ever wish the world was equal? That regardless of race, class, caste, religion, age, or even experience, you were valued as much as everyone else? This is what yoga does. I have some experience in yoga, having taught for a few years and practiced before then. That doesn’t mean I am any higher than anyone else. I remember my first “student-teacher” class, my Yin instructor, Aradhana Kaur, was taken aback with the number of new students who came into what was usually a class of  the same 6 or 8 students. In fact, hardly any regulars showed up at all! Several of the new students were pregnant too, and one was a really really tall, big man–a linebacker type. All were experiencing “yoga class” for the first time. Though I was new to teaching, Aradhana did not hesitate to give me free reign over the session. At the end, she even told me she had learned a new yin pose (1/2 frog)! Continue Reading @

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