Feb 13 2015

Interfaith/Interspiritual Ministers Wisdom Circle

(Even though this launch event has passed, please contact if you are interest in joining for future events...)

We have a new on-line Wisdom Circle starting on Wednesday Feb. 11th, at 7pm EST that we are very excited about. This Circle will be facilitated by Saundra Porter Thomas. Contact Saundra to be a part of this Circle via email - [email protected] or phone - 704-916-9839 

Please share this information with anyone you know who may be interested in this Circle. This is not just for Interfaith Ministers! 

  • Healing Through Our Stories 
  • Into Wholeness 

Being a storyteller, I am always listening to conversations around me for the “story” in that moment, the stories that unfolded before that moment, and the stories of the possibilities to come. As I listen very carefully, I hear threads that connect all of humanity and creation. Our stories are the foundation of our very existence. When we take time to listen closely and openly, we can hear the threads that bind us. 

Healing Through Our Stories Into Wholeness is an opportunity to come together to talk openly and safely about different areas of our lives that need a bit more intentional attention, balance and healing. Through telling and listening to our stories, we will travel through the ups and downs, twists and turns and subtle nuances of Heart gently and lovingly calling forth spaces, places, situations, and feelings that have become stuck in our hearts, minds, and bodies due to denial, covering up, suppression and ever unfolding Life. Some of the areas we will walk through are - Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Grief, Trauma, Money, Gratitude, Giving & Receiving, and many others. 

Come. Let us take this Sacred Journey together in this sacred, safe and confidential space. With Love as our container and Wisdom as our guide, we will explore, experience, and become empowered to transform our lives through listening to and sharing our stories and practicing principles and meditations that have the power to move us through the “sticky stuff;” the perceived unforgivable into the light of Forgiveness, Forgiven and Wholeness. 

Healing Through Our Stories Into Wholeness / Forgiveness 
Launch - Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 7pm est 
Phone - 704-916-9839 
email - [email protected]

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