Mar 23 2009

Global Youth CC begins Penpals Project

Global Youth CC begins Penpals Project The month of March saw the beginning of an exciting new initiative pioneered by the Global Youth CC. The Interfaith Penpals Project, an idea that had its roots almost two years ago in the European Regional Assembly and Global Council Meeting, is a scheme run by members of the CC and the URI’s Young Leaders Program and connects young people of high-school age through the sharing of letters. The letters take the form of an Appreciative Enquiry, with participants sharing ideas on dialogue and peace. The Pilot Project sees students from Israel and Iran discussing the values of dialogue between countries that have a negative relationship politically. On March 1st the Israeli group came together for a workshop, funded by part of a Multiregion Seed Grant, in Non-Violent Communication. Michal Weiner, the group leader, described it as “very important”. The group then retired to pen letters to their Iranian counterparts, who will hold their workshop to read and discuss the letters in the coming weeks. Matthew Youde Interfaith Penpals Project

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