May 24 2016

Global Partnerships Building Community

April 16th was a rewarding and memorable time as I reconnected with individuals I've know for a couple of decades, those that are one degree of separation from those I've known this long, and those I've recently met for the first time in San Francisco. The Circles of Light Gala is an annual event to raise money to support the work of this incredible organization, an organization that changed my life. As a Black woman living in America, there have been times when I have been discouraged, but it is not a perpetual state of being because I know the hope of working with people who are making a difference in their communities and know that it extends to mine.

This year's Circles of Light event focused on the ARTS and how art is being used for peacebuilding efforts in 95 countries. Sharing this tribute and being selected to showcase the work of my own organization was a heady and awesome experience. In addition, I also shared the work of The Rothko Chapel, a place that has meant so much to me. Special thanks to those who shared the stage with me. I learned so much from you and will continue to work with you. Already, we are creating collaborations that will continue to change the world. This summer is committed to that purpose. You can read our speeches for that night here. And then make a donation to support our summer work talked about below.

~ P. K. McCary, Executive Director of Think Peace International

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