Sep 10 2014

Global Interfaith WASH Alliance’s and Ganga Action Parivar’s Faceboook


Pranams from the divine banks of the Ganges River! I pray you are enjoying a gorgeous day. 

All is going beautifully here. I've been travelling quite a bit as of late, but am now back home in Rishikesh. Our Summit of India's top leaders will be held from 28-30 November. It will be truly a divine opportunity to help bring people together to help preserve our world's dwindling water resources: the mainstay for any environmental concern.  I'll keep you updated.

Also, we recently had a very powerful event at the House of Commons in London, bringing together parliamentarians, faith leaders and others, including Kiran Bali, with prayers that all may have access to healthy, sustainable water. It was accompanied by a river clean-up at the Thames River and an MoU signing with Thames-21, an organization that has had much to do with the revitalization of the Thames.

If at all you can, please do be sure to "like" our GIWA and GAP facebook sites, which are listed below. So many photos and great updates there!

Global Interfaith WASH Alliance's Faceboook:

Ganga Action Parivar's Faceboook:


With much love,

Swamini Adityananda Saraswati

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