Aug 12 2014

Get Ready for the International Day of Peace


The Art of Peace at OUR HOUSE, the Store that Artists Built

Our House, the Store that Artists Built, is an incubation of Project Row Houses and an initiative of Think Peace International (TPI). No matter how you define yourself as an artist, we believe art CAN and DOES change the world for good. An artist's art is as different from another artist as there are flowers in a garden. No one compares a rose to a tulip as they each are unique in their design nor does one have to decide which is prettier or more fragrant. You can pick one or both. This is what we teach within the curriculum and workshops developed at Our House. Opportunities are provided by many outlets, including the Saturday Artists Circle and the monthly Project Row House Third Ward Community Market and Talent Show. Our House collaborates with many venues to provide artists with ample opportunity to showcase their "wares"--no matter the genre.

The International Day of Peace (IDP) weekend is a prime example of this collaborative spirit. The A-Fest event at the House of Deréon and PRH's Third Ward Market provides a wonderful opportunity to help artists reach demographics throughout the communities of Houston. It is good when the IDP lands on a weekend because it increases more participation and synchronization of multiple events. The IDP, however, is more than recreation time. It is a time to consider what it will take to learn how to respect and understand those who may seem different and to recognize that because of those differences ... WE NEED EACH OTHER more than ever.

The lessons learned at Our House promote this idea, recognizing that every piece of art designed, crafted or created makes a difference in the world. Contact us at 713.893.1304 if you are interested in being a part of the Our House initiative where artists work together in building community through art.

~ P. K. McCary

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