Feb 01 2015

Gender Crosstalk

A big Hello to the Gender Crosstalk Outreach Team!

We are going to use Adobe Connect for Tuesday evening's online get together. Meeting begins at 7:30 pm, Pacific Time. Please sign in early at 7:15. I suggest you try to visit the meeting room today or tomorrow. If you have a problem, let me know.  The meeting will not go beyond 8:45.   

Here is a link to test your setup to make sure you will be able to connect:

There is no need to install the "adobe connect add-in" -- that is only for people who are going to share their screens - we are going to use chat and audio only.  
Here is the meeting room link: Sign in as "guest".  

 To get your audio connected, you may need to click the "Meeting" button at the top left and then select the "Audio Setup Wizard". Also you may need to click the microphone at the top and then click "allow". Go ahead and add something on the chat just to test it. 

I have posted the agenda in the meeting notes. Your additions to the agenda are most welcome. Please add agenda items in the chat. 

Rachael Watcher, Multiregion Coordinator of the United Religions Initiative is kindly providing us the Adobe Connect facility. She is expected to attend. I will open the meeting, but then Mahwish Aslam will take over as host. Rachael will be available in case we have a problem with how to run an adobe connect meeting. 

Thank you all and if you have a friend who would like to attend - share the meeting room link with them. The more the merrier!  I am blind-copying a number of people who might be interested to attend.


Roger Eaton
+1 415 933 0153
UNA-SF Communications Chair
Enjoy the UNA Gender Crosstalk

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