May 02 2011

Creative multi-faith action on malaria

Home page Last April, people of different faiths worked together to help end deaths from malaria. People from around the world organised concerts, bake-a-thons, sleep outs, movie screenings and even jumped out of planes to raise awareness and funds. Working together with governments and NGOs, faith communities helped reduce deaths from malaria from one every 30 seconds to one every 45 seconds. But even a single death from malaria is one too many. So this year we want to keep up this progress and impact. You can seize this historic opportunity and help contribute to the end of deaths from malaria by holding a multi-faith fundraiser for malaria prevention. Click here to find out more: Taking action this World Malaria Day is as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Sign up to the Faiths Act World Malaria Day campaign and get sent a free resource pack with a toolkit, DVD and all the materials you need to make your own Faiths Act Ribbons. The first 50 signups will also be sent a Faiths Act t-shirt: 2. Organise a multi-faith event or campaign to help raise vital funds and awareness about deaths from malaria. Don't forget to wear your Faiths Act ribbons! 3. Help save a life just by sending us pictures! Sumitomo Chemical Olyset Net will donate a bed net to Malaria No More UK for every 10 people pictured wearing a Faiths Act ribbon!! Tony Blair said last week, "For the first time, this generation has the opportunity to do two astonishing things: to work together alongside those of other faiths from all corners of the world and to tackle one of the world's greatest global health challenges -- malaria." Need ideas? Watch this video: We hope you will be part of this movement. Together we have a unique opportunity to make a difference globally while building bridges between communities locally. Best wishes, Hannah Wallace Manager of Faiths Act

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