Aug 17 2013

BUILDING COMMUNITY By Building An Institution


By Building An Institution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Join us on Saturday, August 17th and Saturday, August 24th, for a preview of the ICDesignSTUDIO located at Project Row Houses and the future home of the Project Row House Store. The ICDesignSTUDIO is the brainchild of peacemaker and activist, P.K. McCary. The premise behind the studio is to train young people between the ages of 16 to 19* in the skills set of marketing, public relations, and graphic design while participating in community projects with institutions like Project Row Houses, the Community Artists' Collective, SHAPE Community Center, and the Houston Peace and Justice Center. These and other organizations and institutions have agreed to serve as the laboratory/classroom for the training provided by Ms. McCary and other volunteer teachers in these professional fields.


The art form of marketing, public relations, and graphic design can be a valuable tool in helping youth to understand the world around them and their place in it. Art has shaped ideas, identities and political agendas of the socially conscious for centuries. In the last century, however, art has been a powerful tool for community activists, and advocates for a plethora of issues affecting society. In the past, artists have created platforms for dissent, contemplation and action with various results. Art is not always measurable at the time in which it is created, but over time, its influence has become clearer and helped to shape new ideas and change thinking and motivate action. By equipping young people with tools to enhance critical thinking, while providing them with hands-on experience with those involved in making communities stronger, the participants will develop their creative talents for succeeding in whatever they decided to do or be. Participants will be exposed to individuals, organizations, and institutions doing humanitarian work locally, nationally and around the globe. Ms. McCary's philosophy is that we must "think globally, but act locally." 

The pilot program is opened to 9 individual who will participate in an application and interview process. We are looking for young people who already have an interest in the world around them, with strong computer skills and creative leanings. The curriculum is created by Ms. McCary and other professionals and consists of 28 weeks of active involvement throughout the time. By stopping by Project Row Houses over the next two Saturdays, young people will be given an opportunity to check out the concept and have their questions answered by Ms. McCary. Also present will be program teachers in these various fields. For more information call 713.893.1304 or email us at [email protected]. Check out more about the studio at ICDesignSTUDIO.

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