Apr 15 2016

Better Together Day: What comes next?

This year’s Better Together Day was bigger and more powerful than ever. Five thousand people around the country came together on April 7 to talk about their religious and non-religious worldviews, share their values, and learn from others.

Here's what happened:

  • Thousands of people across countless different religions and philosophies shared their values and learned what inspires other people to do good.
  • Thousands of students across the country started essential conversations through fast-a-thons, interfaith dialogue dinners, open mic nights, and other events that crossed the lines that usually divide us.
  • And speaking of thousands, IFYC will officially be giving $10,000 to the International Rescue Committee to support their work with refugees in honor of this overwhelming participation.

We need to start these essential conversations in order to tackle some of our thorniest world issues. If you haven't participated yet, you can still submit your own values on our website until Sunday, April 17. Amazing things happen when we come together. That’s the power of interfaith cooperation.

Better Together Day

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