Mar 01 2015

Appealing to the Genders for Human Unity

With the support of the URI Multiregion, and as both a member of the Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons CC and the Board of United Nations Association of San Francisco, I want to invite URI CC members to an ambitious project, the UNA Gender Crosstalk Initiative.

Since junior high school, when I read John Hersey’s Hiroshima, the horrifying tale of the nuclear bombing of a Japanese city on August 6, 1945, I have been motivated to find a way to find a way to bring peace to our planet. In the process I have become convinced that the global Women’s Movement is humanity’s best ally in the search for peace. The Gender Crosstalk technology is meant to empower the women to bring in the men so together the genders can persuade the nations and religions to get along better. 

On the new moon of March 20, 2015, Gender Crosstalk participants will send two short messages to Dr Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women. One message will be from the women participants and one from the men. Each lunar month, two more messages will be selected based on the messages chosen previously. The purpose of the Initiative is to foster human unity with gender equality built in. 

Your individual participation and that of your CC are invited. To participate and for more information go to You can find step by step instructions there how you may join the process and write a message of your own. Or email me at [email protected] and I will sign you up. 

Please pass this message along, or send me names and emails of people I should be in touch with. The formula for success is to combine the online Gender Crosstalk process with in-person meetings. See our UNDEF grant writeup at

Let’s Make it Happen!

-- Roger Eaton
+1 415 933 0153
UNA-SF Communications Chair
Enjoy the UNA Gender Crosstalk

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