Mar 01 2012

An Invitation — Gallery Exhibition at Texas Southern University

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You Are Invited!
What's your view of the world? Take a journey into other worlds during the month of March at the University Museum at Texas Southern with the 1000 Words|1000 Kalema Exhibition. In 2011, writer and peace activist P.K. McCary mentored Jordanian student Morad al-Jarrah in an exercise in peacemaking through a photographic competition. Join us this month for a series of events honoring this exhibition and work behind it. For more information contact the Museum at 713-313-7145 or email us at [email protected] The competition was sponsored by Think Peace International and has traveled in several cities and countries in an effort to show that the arts can serve as a tool for understanding, building bridges and making peace around the world.

Friday, March 2nd (6-8 p.m.) Reception and Introduction. 1000Words/1000Kalema Exhibition--A Photographic Odyssey: Messages of Peace from around the World.
Sunday, March 11th (4pm). Film Screening of “Muslims” produced by Anisa Mehdi and a roundtable discussion of people of various faiths on why films and photographs help us understand one another. Sponsored by CAIR and HPJC.
Tuesday, March 13th (6pm-8:30pm). A View from the Judges—A roundtable discussion sponsored by CAIR and HPJC  with guests, Anisa Mehdi, Emmy-awarding winning filmmaker, Randy Goodman, award winning photojournalist, whose work Beneath the Chador will be exhibited for 3 days, and Dr. Alvia Wardlaw, Curator of The Museum at Texas Southern University. Each will share their perspective of the competition, its outcomes and the need for peace work in the various media they work in. Sponsored by CAIR and HPJC.
Wednesday, March 21st (10:30am-Noon). Students Speak.
What’s Your View of the World? The discussion will center on how various media influence one’s view of the world. P.K. McCary and Dr. Serbino Sandifer-Walker facilitate this discussion.
Sunday, March 18th (7-9pm). A Gandhian Perspective. Discussion on Gandhi’s Life, a book review analysis on The Story of My Experiments with Truth. Join in the discussion with others on Gandhi’s autobiography.
Saturday, March 24th (2-5 pm). Photo Competitions for Young People. Change that you can see in the world through writing, oration, film and photographs. This event is sponsored by the Gandhi Library.
Saturday, March 31st (2-5 pm). Through the Lens of the Young. TBA but working on having Ray Carrington and Earlie Hudnall talk about their work. Would also like to invite newspaper and magazine photographers to share their experiences with young people.
Sunday, April 1st, Closing Day (2-4pm). Messages of Inspiration. TBA P.K. and Morad al-Jarrah (via SKYPE) will talk about their work together and how through more than 18,000 SKYE messages 1000Kalema was born.
This series has been organized by the University Museum, Think Peace International inc., CAIR, and the HPJC.


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