September 2016

Sep 29 2016

Peace - A Simple Dialogue and a Call for Prayers

Dear all, As some of you may have come to know right now there is a grave tension going on between Pakistan and India due to the disputed territory of Kashmir. I appeal each one of you to pray that all issues between these two countries may be resolved through peaceful means and dialogue and not through WAR. For your information both countries have abundant nuclear weapons which can result in the killing of millions of people.  Requesting your prayers, fr... Read more »

Sep 21 2016

Happy International Day of Peace

Today, on this year's International Day of Peace, I walked along a dusty road in a long line of children and teachers from the Karickam School, a URI Cooperation Circle in Kerala, India. These young peacebuilders marched through the village chanting "Peace, Peace, Peace - We want peace" and "We want peace - No more war!" Their faces shining with hope and promise of a peaceful future. (See attached photos.) Interspersed in the line carried... Read more »

Sep 12 2016

Eid Mubarak

Dear URI Family, Eid Mubarak to all our sisters and brothers around the world.May this auspicious occasion bring warmth, happiness and joy to our lives. May the Almighty give us the strength to challenge hatred and violence and to bring peace and understanding to our world.  Prayers and blessings,Kiran Bali MBE JP  -  Global   Read more »

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