October 2015

Oct 25 2015

Nuclear Weapons and the Moral and Spiritual Compass

Nuclear Weapons and the Moral and Spiritual Compass From left to right: Jane Goodall, Jonathan Granoff, and Bishop William E. Swing. Photo by Barbara Hartford. Parliament of the World’s Religions - October 17, 2015Nuclear Weapons and the Moral and Spiritual CompassSpeakers:  Bishop William E. Swing, Jonathan Granoff, Jane Goodall  Presentation by Bishop William E. Swing Opening Comments (Jane Goodall had just completed her remarks to a mountainous roar of applause and a standing ovation.  Since I had been introduced earlier, I... Read more »

Oct 25 2015


EAST-WEST ARTIST EXCHANGE Marwa Adel A strategic focus for CARAVAN is to encourage and facilitate East-West artists’ exchanges; i.e. artists from the Middle East having experiencing the West and vice versa. This year we are pleased to be able to focus on the noted Egyptian artist Marwa Adel who has secured a Fulbright Fellowship and as of last month is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, focusing her study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). Marwa, who comes... Read more »

Oct 25 2015

Herding Mediterranean Peace Donkeys

Herding Mediterranean Peace Donkeys On 13 November, the island of Malta will have 21 more donkeys: Mediterranean Peace Donkeys.  At the Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale (13 November 2015 – 7 November 2016), CARAVAN is hosting the Mediterranean Peace Donkey, a peacebuilding public art exhibition of 21 life-sized fiberglass “Maltese” donkeys painted by premier Maltese and Mediterranean artists symbolizing the need for peace and compassion between the Middle East and West, and more specifically, throughout the... Read more »

Oct 20 2015

Women Powerfully, Silently Walk Together For Peace At Parliament Of World’s Religions

“Women bring different and vital agendas to the challenge of building peace.” Paul Brandeis RaushenbushExecutive Editor Of Global Spirituality and Religion, The Huffington Post Posted: 10/16/2015 07:00 PM EDT | Edited: 10/16/2015 10:32 PM EDT SALT LAKE CITY -- Voices fell quiet as hundreds of women of different faith traditions filed silently through the busy throngs at the Salt Palace Convention Center Friday on the opening day of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. The gathering that happens every five years brings together thousands... Read more »

Oct 04 2015

Hope In Life Foundation - Video

Namaste! Please view the following video from Hope In Life Foundation, a Multiregion Cooperation Circle.  This is a wonderfully informative video about the state of women in India To view the video please click here.    RUPSI BURMANFounder - HOPE IN LIFE FOUNDATION www.hopeinlifefoundation.orgChair - Orange County Cities for CEDAW Task ForcePhone: 949-284-6730   Read more »

Oct 04 2015

Parliament of World’s Religions - October 2015 Salt Lake City - Wisdom Circle Ministries

Greetings All, Wisdom Circle Ministries is a Multi Region CC, and is hosting the Interfaith Exhibition on the second floor concourse of the Salt Palace. This exhibition space will run for the entire length of the Parliament and offers an open 900 sq. ft. space for meeting, conversations and even small presentations. The URI Multi Region is a sponsor of this space and this is a wonderful central location for face-to-face-conversations. For any requests, suggestions or questions regarding... Read more »

Oct 04 2015

Parliament of World’s Religions - October 2015 Salt Lake City

Greetings from California!  Much as we love e-mail communication, there's nothing like face-to-face conversations. I was wondering which CCs are attending the Parliament event at Salt Lake City next month? Please share. Our CC is interested in building a stronger network and bond with CCs from across the world via Face-to-Face meetings during the event. If you are attending, we will make it a point to meet with you and learn more about your work.  Thanks... Read more »

Oct 01 2015

URI Affrms Pope’s Strong Interfaith Message

Pope Francis is welcomed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and receives flower bouquets from children of UN staff members at the start of his visit to UN Headquarters. UN Photo/Mark Garten. URI AFFIRMS POPE FRANCIS FOR USHERING IN NEW ERA OF INTERFAITH COOPERATION AND GLOBAL CULTURE OF PEACE  United Nations, NY:  Pope Francis delivered a stirring address for the opening of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, in which he called on world leaders to "set aside partisan and ideological interests, and... Read more »

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