November 2011

Nov 22 2011

Support Freedom, Support Egypt

Support Freedom, Support Egypt While I am abroad, thousands of miles away from my homeland Egypt, watching overwhelming violence carried out by the military and police forces against peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo chanting peacefully for the sake of democracy and end the military rule in Egypt. This scene just reminds me 10 months ago on January 25, 2011; I first joined Tahrir Square at almost 03:00 pm to join peaceful protesters chanting to... Read more »

Nov 17 2011

One City, Three festivals, Many Religions

...This weekend, I chanced to be in New Delhi, India's capital city that boasts of pockets of many ethnic groups among its nearly 14 million residents. While here, I ran into several festivals: Guru Nanak's Birthday celebrations in Paluki Bazaar, Bahullah Birthday festival, and the Kite Festival of Delhi Days. Besides the obvious acceptance of multiple religion, I was glad to note that in each, an element of religious inclusiveness existed. At the Palika Bazaar, in Connaught Place, the... Read more »

Nov 04 2011

13 Moon Walk 4 Peace Completes its Epic 13 Month Walk for Peace

13 Moon Walk 4 Peace Completes its Epic 13 Month Walk for Peace, a walk that has taken them across the country to over sixty communities across America, in Atlanta, GA on 11-11-11 (Nov.11, 2011) at the King Center. Peace Walkers invite people from the community of Atlanta and surrounding areas, as well as across the nation to Walk A Mile 4 Peace. Walk the final miles with the Peace Walkers into Atlanta. The intention for the... Read more »

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