March 2016

Mar 27 2016

Share your values to help refugees

Interfaith Literacy for Social Good What motivates you to cooperate across lines of difference?  For Better Together Day on April 7, thousands of people across the country will be working to promote interfaith literacy through interfaith discussions, events, and acts of service. This literacy isn’t just an understanding of religious facts and texts. It’s an understanding of how different people live their beliefs and values and how those values influence the common good.  Want to help promote interfaith... Read more »

Mar 27 2016

Renewal and Relationship

URI Sisters and Brothers,  This week the world celebrates many holy days reminding us that renewal in our lives is possible through our relationships with one another. Holi (Hindu), Holy Week and Easter (Christian), Mabon/Ostara (Pagan), Magha Puja Day (Buddhist), Naw-Ruz  (Baha'i), Norooz (Zoroastrian), and Purim (Jewish), each in their own unique way offers rituals that remind us of the power that connecting to one another, the natural world around us and the Divine brings to our lives. May these celebrations... Read more »

Mar 25 2016

Our House and the Market

TO MARKET, TO MARKET... The Project Row Houses' Markets are incredible experiences, from the artists who make up the rounds to those of us who work our incubations on the PRH campus. On the first day of the market, Our House brings its artists to not only showcase their latest works, but to have a good time. Project Row Houses and Our House collaborate at these markets to find artists who are looking to make their marks... Read more »

Mar 23 2016

Prayers for Brussels

Dear URI Friends,  Immediately upon hearing the news of today's bombings in Brussels, the faces of friends in Belgium came to mind. First for me was Patrick Hanjoul with whom I spent remarkable days walking together in Bruges and visiting the Silence Farm Retreat Center. In Patrick's face, I see the faces of all people in Belgium, people of all religions and cultures, who suffer on this day from the loss of loved ones, and the... Read more »

Mar 20 2016

URI Circles of Light 2016

PEACEBUILDING THROUGH THE ARTS URI welcomes you to the 13th annual Circles of Light Gala, which honors URI’s Cooperation Circles that build peace through the arts.  The theme for the 2016 event is the ARTS which include music, dance, visual arts, poetry, and theatre. URI will feature Cooperation Circles from around the world that utilize the ARTS as a key tool in promoting interfaith dialogue in their community. Please review the speakers profile here. During the reception, guests... Read more »

Mar 20 2016

Join Us for Better Together Day 2016

What's one beautiful thing you wish the world knew about your religion or worldview? On April 7, 2016, for IFYC's national Better Together Day, hundreds of student organizers will bring thousands of their classmates and neighbors together to learn, teach, and engage with interfaith diversity. Campuses nationwide will hold interfaith conversations and events, work together to serve their community, and address our religious and philosophical differences. This year, we're using Better Together Day to promote interfaith literacy... Read more »

Mar 13 2016

What’s up with not talking about religion?

They say: Don’t talk about religion at the dinner table.  We ask: What’s up with that? In IFYC’s new video series What’s Up With ___? we break the rules to answer your burning questions about different faiths and philosophies. We're starting with a big question: Why is religion such a taboo topic in the first place? In our first video, our host Hannah chats with some random Chicagoans to see what happens when she gets them talking about... Read more »

Mar 13 2016

New Podcast - The Values of Shamanism

From the Spirit World:  Discussing the Values of Shamanism A New Episode of the Common Knowledge Podcast Followed by millions across the world, yet often overlooked in the United States, shamanistic practices express a diverse set of beliefs about the spirit world. We talk with Bonnie Glass-Coffin, a scholar of shamanism, about the core concepts of this practice and how those concepts connect deeply to interfaith cooperation. Olivia Phanchan, a social work specialist, also talks with us about... Read more »

Mar 13 2016

Invitation to THE KEY in Cairo, Egypt (2016 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art)


Mar 07 2016

Entering the Future with a Key from the Past” 2016 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art Cairo - London - New York

"Entering the Future with a Key from the Past"2016 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art / Cairo - London - New York At a time when stereotypes and media hype are increasing the ever widening divide between the Middle East and West, creating growing misconceptions and apprehensions about each other, THE KEY, a strategic East-West art exhibition-installation, is being launched to change perceptions and speak directly to the global unconscious.  THE KEY, the 2016 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art, uses the... Read more »

Mar 07 2016

A Prayer for International Women’s Day

A Prayer for International Women's Day I know that many URI Cooperation Circles do events throughout the year to promote women and girls. Thank you for all you are doing!   March 8 is International Women's Day. You may be interested in watching the program described below that will show the observance at the United Nations. Know that you will be represented at this event by URI representatives.  Watch it live or at another time here. If you watch it later... Read more »

Mar 05 2016

Job Posting Regional Coordinator for URI MultiRregion

Dear URI community,  URI is please to announce a job opening for Regional Coordinator for URI's Multiregion.  Please see the Position Description and application instructions - attached. The Position Description can also be found at and has been posted to Increasingly, CCs with members from different regions are forming around shared global themes such as: Care for the  Environment, Indigenous Wisdom, Women’s Empowerment, UN Sustainable Global Goals. To meet this demand and opportunity, the services of... Read more »

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