June 2013

Jun 25 2013

Dr. David Randle Lessons from Climate Change: Past & Present

David Randle shares spiritual wisdom and theological reflections regarding environmental concerns to provide a context for Dr. Reese Halter's following talk on Lessons from Climate Change Past & Present. The event was held at the Sacred Lands Education & Preserve. Program was supported by a URI Environmental Seed Grant, the Blue Community initiative, Interfaith Power and Light, and Global Healing.   Read more »

Jun 25 2013

The U.N. and the Environment

The U.N. and the EnvironmentBy Monica Willard, URI UN Representative This year, on April 22nd, I attended an Interactive Dialogue of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly on 'Harmony with Nature' to commemorate Mother Earth Day. The purpose of the interactive dialogue is to advance discussions on different economic approaches, in the context of sustainable development, and to further a more ethical basis for the relationship between humanity and the Earth.  Learn more.The UN Permanent... Read more »

Jun 02 2013

Footprints Around the World 4 Peace and the Global March for Peace and Unity

Footprints Around the World 4 Peace and the Global March for Peace and Unity have formed a partnership to enhance our capacities to connect with the grassroots citizens of the world to organize a nonviolent world march for peace & unity on the international day of peace September 21, 2013 and create a resounding global call resulting in a collective experience of peace. Footprints Around the World for Peace honors bioregions by supporting local events and sharing them... Read more »

Jun 02 2013

Connectivity – The Missing Link in Climate Change Activism

The Missing Link in Climate Change Activism by Paul Chaffee Concern about climate is finally surfacing globally. Along with insurance companies, spiritual leaders, religious institutions, faith traditions from the indigenous to the established, universities, nonprofits of every kind, and millions of individuals have embraced the need to take better care of the Earth and all that lives. Lunatic claims like ‘Jesus is coming back soon so don’t worry about the environment’ are on the wane. The accelerating... Read more »

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