July 2016

Jul 24 2016

Our House - The 31-DAY Countdown

THE LONG GOODBYE: AN OUR HOUSE REUNION AND CELEBRATION This is NOT about saying Goodbye. Goodbye can be forever and forever is a long time. Instead, this is about saying "so long" and it is but a breath, a moment and then we'll meet again. I have always used my birthday as a way to say, "Thanks," "Forgive me," and "What's up with you?" For four years, I have had the pleasure and honor to serve... Read more »

Jul 20 2016

Healing and Transforming Ourselves – Our Humanity

Healing and Transforming Ourselves – Our Humanity7 (Cleansing) + 7 (Discipline) + 7 (Clarity) = 21-Day Fast Invitation July 26 to August 15, 2016 / Audri Scott Williams I have meditated and prayed -- calling on my Ancestors; on the wisdom teachers that guide me (past, present, and future); on my Angel Guides – the Grandmothers; on my higher self; and on the younger generations, and those yet to be born. The questions I continue to ask are... Read more »

Jul 07 2016

Invitation to the opening of THE BRIDGE exhibition in Portland, Oregon, USA

    Opening Reception & Program Portland, Oregon, USA Sunday, 10 July, at 6:30 pm CARAVAN's peacebuilding East-West interreligious art exhibition,  THE BRIDGE 47 Artists of Middle Eastern origin 15 countries 3 faiths Read more »

Jul 07 2016

Interfaith Memorial - 7th July 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Today people of diverse communities and cultures have remembered and honoured the victims and all those affected by the London bombings. 11 years ago London came under attack with 52 people killed and over 700 injured in four coordinated suicide bomb attacks. We are seeing terrorist attacks almost everyday across our world. We must never allow terrorism in any form to beat us and we hold before the Almighty all those who are victims of... Read more »

Jul 06 2016

Eid Mubarak!

From URI Pakistan: I wish very happy Happy Eidul- Fitr to the Muslim community and especially members of the URI.  May this feast bring you many blessing from God Almighty and may there be peace all around the world.  I am sharing an official message in Arabic and English from the Vatican to the Muslim community around the globe at this great feast of Eidul Fitr. This message is written and sent by Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for... Read more »

Jul 06 2016


ATTENTION ALL FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE--URGENT REQUEST. “Time is growing near for the Children of SHAPE Community Center to go on their 27th Annual Freedom Tour. In order for them to go, we need your help. Join us in an effort of cooperative economics and help us reach our goal. We need $7,500 before the 7th of July since we are leaving on the 14th. GET ON BOARD and get on that Freedom Tour train and engage... Read more »

Jul 01 2016

Ahowan with Life

A "First of Its Kind" Animal Child Ashram in India!!  - Orphan Animals....Orphan Children....Holistic Living  AHOWAN's second main dream COMING TRUE!!  (I realize that it was shared the N/S Peregrination LOOKED like it was next; however, Spirit has closed that door for now and has made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR......THIS Animal Child Ashram IS NEXT! before moving THIS across the World) THIS is what God has been preparing me for!!  I am READY, I am listening, and I am following the... Read more »

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