July 2014

Jul 28 2014

Living Into the Purpose of URI

While these words appear on materials boldly proclaiming the purpose of the United Religions Initiative, they are for us more than words to be read or recited. These are words to be lived. In the face of a world seemingly addicted to violence, we at the United Religions Initiative are committed to creating alternative spaces of peacebuilding and reconciliation. Amidst the firestorm of political rhetoric that deepens disputes and dehumanizes others, URI’s network of Cooperation Circles... Read more »

Jul 15 2014

Exciting New Opportunities for CARAVAN . . .

"Art can transcend where dialogue has been blocked." Petna Ndaliko (New York Times, July 11, 2014) CARAVAN’s Founder/President, Paul-Gordon Chandler, recently returned from an extensive trip (around the opening of the CARAVAN exhibition in Cairo) to Jordan, Israel/Palestine, Malta and Paris, France at the invitation of various groups regarding CARAVAN’s potential involvement. The meetings exceeded expectations and laid the foundation for some strategic opportunities for CARAVAN in the next couple of years. While there is much left... Read more »

Jul 14 2014

An Invitation to Third Ward Community Market

EXPLORING THE MEANING OF ART IN  SOCIETY OR PUT ANOTHER WAY ... MAKING ART RELEVANTYou're invited to attend the Third Ward Community Market and Talent Showcase at Project Row Houses, in historic Third Ward Houston, where the artists of Our House will showcase art produced in various mediums and genres. We are inviting you as our guests for a market place experiment. Can artists be sustained by its community AND can a community benefit from its... Read more »

Jul 14 2014

We Refuse to Be Enemies: Together, We Can End the War!

From our friends in the Middle East region of the United Religions Initiative:  Lee Ziv of our Musaique Cooperation Circle in Israel urges everyone to sign her online campaign to stop the bombings in Israel & Palestine. Show your support!  Visit the Petition by click here.  More information about Musaique CC can be found here: Read more »

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