January 2014

Jan 30 2014

The Toughest Goal of All

Of all human aspirations, the goal of peace may be the most vexing. Most of us want peace (at home, at work, in our communities, large and small). And peace is surely achieved sometimes, ranging from resolving one’s internal conflicts to signing peace treaties between nations and living up to them. But we all know the human record is mixed at best. In this month’s Interfaith News aggregation, stories of conflict and violence eclipse stories of reconciliation. The... Read more »

Jan 25 2014

I too, Wonder as I Wander

I too, Wonder as I Wander By Audri Scott Williams  From the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk As I awakened this morning in Morocco, the sounds of vendors passing through the alley chanting their presence and their products; and, children laughing - little ones crying - as they head to school, I am filled with the potential of this day. I am flirting with the aroma from the corner bakery which has been taunting me since 4:0... Read more »

Jan 21 2014

Reflections through the eyes of a peace walker

Reflections through the eyes of a peace walker  “Religiously motivated hostility has reached a 5-year high. Over 6 billion people – or 76% of the world’s population – live in places with high or very high levels of restrictions on religion, up from 68% in 2007" --UN Ambassador Samantha Powers   The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk occurred from 2005 to 2009. Prior to the walk we (Peace walkers in training – Karen Hunter Watson, Anefawose Shina, Natalie Scott Williams... Read more »

Jan 20 2014

WIN MENA meets in Amman, Jordan

From our friends at URI MENA: During the URI MENA Annual Conference, we held a meeting of the WIN MENA(Women's Interfaith Network of the MENA region) with women from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, and Israel who were Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Druze. Also attending the MENA conference were women from Lebanon and Tunisia who were unable to join our meeting, but were part of the sisterhood of MENA women discussing the situation for women in their countries.  We discussed what... Read more »

Jan 19 2014

2013 fourth hottest year on record for planet: reports

...It may be hard for some or maybe grasp, but the impacts of climate change are very likely to cause more death than suffering than religiously motivated violence by several times. Yet, this still seems to be a side issue...when it comes to building cultures of peace, justice, and healing the Earth for all living beings.  "Ocean temperatures were half a degree Celsius above the 20th century average. NASA says carbon dioxide is at its highest... Read more »

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