February 2012

Feb 23 2012

My URI Interfaith Experience in Malaysia

My  Malaysia experience is tremendous! The United Religion Initiatives (URI) through the Youth Leadership Program opened my opportunity to meet new friends from other countries, establish networks with other faiths and understand better what is interfaith. Being one of the URI Youth Ambassador for 2011, is another wonderful chapter of my life and  touch other's lives through interfaiths. It was a best ever experience I had in my entire life and it means so much to me... Read more »

Feb 23 2012

Encountering the other – the importance of teambuilding in interfaith youth training

What do you do with a group of 25 young people from 6 countries and 8 religious, spiritual and indigenous backgrounds? How do you go about building good interfaith relationships that lead to genuine acceptance, coexistence and cooperation? Thankfully, young people generally turn up to events, conferences, training programs and so on – whether they are interfaith themed or not – to meet other young people, so they are preset to get to know each other... Read more »

Feb 18 2012

New URI Resources Available

The following documents are now available for download at the main URI Web site, - RESOURCES > Interfaith Dialogue > Guides > Summary Table of World Religions: Or, just click on the link here: and The following documents are now available for download at the main URI Web site,  - RESOURCES > CC Tools and Tips > Fundraising > Model Proposal for Electronic, Online and Print Distribution: Or, just click on the link here: Thanks!   URI Multiregion Leadership... Read more »

Feb 18 2012

Speaking to 6th Graders at Columbia City Elementary School

Normally I do not like to be wrong.This time, I was extremely happy that I was. It seems I have been under the false assumption that my film, Everest: A Climb for Peace was suitable only for adults and "older" kids. Although the film at its core is an exciting adventure film, I just did not really think that children under the age of 15 or 16 would fully understand, appreciate, or have the patience to sit through... Read more »

Feb 17 2012

At the Feet of Our Elders Series

Once a month, beginning February 24 - 26, 2012, hosted by me, Audri Scott Williams, and Karen Hunter Watson, the Quantum Leap Transformational Center will present a "family style" weekend retreat, limited to 14 participants. Our first retreat, At the Feet of Our Elders Series, will feature Centurion, Dr. Amelia Boynton Robinson, Matriarch of the Voting Rights Movement. Join us in this rare opportunity to sit at the feet of a living legend as we... Read more »

Feb 17 2012

News from the Past: Photo Contest Winners Announced

1000Kalema, a joint project of Think Peace Media and Communications CC and NaYA CC, announced winners of its photography competition on October 1. First place went to Sudipto Das of India for his photograph "Friendship," second place went to Hossein Kazma of Lebanon for "Cultural Treasures," and third place went to Alison Leigh Lilly of the United States for "Belfast's Wall." Click here to visit the 1000Kalema site and get more information about the winning... Read more »

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