August 2016

Aug 30 2016

A Birthday Proclamation, August 26, 2016

At today's meeting of the Standing Committee of URI's Global Council the following resolution was moved and adopted. Be it resolved that on this day the URI community celebrates the birth of a person whose remarkable life has advanced the causes of peace, justice and healing throughout our world.Be it further resolved that from this birth flowed a stream of wisdom and daring, unfolding over an extraordinary career, that eventually led to the creation of the... Read more »

Aug 20 2016

A Virtual Our HOUSE and MORE

THE LONG GOODBYE: THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX OF LIMITATIONS THANK YOU. My birthday was a fantastic time with family and friends on Sunday, July 31st. More than that, it took place at one of "our" Our House Artist's place, Heather Davis aka Lemon Bar Lady. But, like all of us, there is no limit to our ability to pursue our dreams and Ms. Davis proves that every day. The Library #notthatlibrary hosted friendship and family in love and... Read more »

Aug 10 2016

Introducing the #TangibleHope Campaign!

From our friends in URI North America: We are excited to announce the #TangibleHope Digital Campaign and wanted you to be the first to know about it! The past several months of conversations with Cooperation Circles and Affiliates have inspired us. The innovative ways you have been addressing the fear- and hate-based rhetoric and violence present in your communities give the world Tangible Hope that together we are cultivating cultures of peace, justice and healing by confronting fear and hate.  And, guess what? We want to... Read more »

Aug 09 2016

Message of Peace from URI

Dear Friends, In times of uncertainty or conflict, it can be easy to give up hope, despite the silver lining of opportunity to do better together. URI's Cooperation Circles choose strength, resilience, and unity in driving progress in their local and global communities. Our 791 CCs build bridges around the world based on the belief in the goodness of humanity for a better peace for us all. We are so grateful to all our CC members... Read more »

Aug 08 2016

Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings: Prayers for Peace

I would like to share that this morning during the Holy Mass on August 6, the Nuclear Prayer of the Rt. Rev. William E. Swing was read jointly by a group of Dominican priests and students at St. Albert's Chapel in Lahore, Pakistan. Each one of us found this prayer very moving. For the Holy Mass, I was the Main Celebrant, with Fr Marcus Daniel OP and Fr Roccus Patras as the Co-Celebrants.  We also prayed for... Read more »

Aug 01 2016

From Bishop William Swing: Message to Regional and Global Staff/Call to Prayer

Dear URI Colleagues, When August 6 rolls around and the world remembers the first atomic bomb hitting Hiroshima, deep inside many of us, we shudder. And we try to kid ourselves that the nuclear threat, now thousands of times more menacing, is successfully being held in check. But....what if it isn't in check?  What if accidents happen?  What if, the strongest nations are only kidding themselves, because they think that they are relevant by virtue of possessing the bomb? ... Read more »

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