August 2011

Aug 22 2011

Puja Season

PUJA SEASON!!! Bangalore, India: Thousands, nay millions, of Muslims in the city are celebrating Ramadan. Meanwhile, the Hindu Puja Season has begun with Varalakshmi Puja and Raksha Bandhan last weekend. This weekend is Krishna Janamastami. All of these festivals have one thing in common: food, and lots of it. Most of it isn’t very healthy either. Ramadan comes with lots of fried foods being sold on the streets. Krishna Janamastami is a celebration of Krishna’s birth. One of... Read more »

Aug 02 2011

Fasting and Yoga

India is the country with the 3rd largest population of Muslims, after only Indonesia and neighbor Pakistan (with whom relations might just get a little better thanks to Pakistan’s brand new Foreign Minister). There are a number of Muslims right here in my area, many wearing full-burqas, and some a little less orthodox in attire. So I am not at all surprised that my Muslim student (the one I’ve mentioned before on this blog) is unable to attend... Read more »

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