Oct 03 2017

Multiregion’s 7th new CC of 2017: Spiritual Directors International!

Spiritual Directors International (SDI) is a global learning community of spiritual directors and spiritual companions that serves and supports the ministry and service of spiritual direction. At their core they are inclusive and open minded... Read more »

Oct 02 2017

CARAVAN’s “I AM” exhibit on world tour, Washington Post coverage

CARAVAN's "I AM" exhibit, featuring the work of 31 women from around the Middle East, has traveled from the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman Jordan, to London’s Trafalgar Square, and currently at the American University Museum... Read more »

Sep 29 2017

URI Global staff and trustees recite the Nuclear Prayer in Medjugorje, Bosnia

Multiregion CC "Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons" recently drafted The Nuclear Prayer. Members of the URI Global Face-to-face gathering in Bosnia recite it together here in Medjugorje, a pilgrimage site for Catholics. The Beginning... Read more »

Sep 26 2017

WEDO Global Celebrates International Day of Peace with cross-cultural event

[#WedoWednesday - 文化之星誕生 @ 世界和平日 & 旅遊日] 賽馬會「衝吧!」世心領袖計劃 嘅參加者已經轉眼成為文化之星,同公眾分享文化經歷  仲籌備左好多跨文化活動,例如跨文化小遊戲,分享同表演!小編表示見到唔同背景嘅學生係同一個台上面表演同埋慶祝多元文化而覺得好神奇,適逢最近喺世界和平日 & 旅遊日,係一個好好嘅祝賀方式  其中一位巴基斯坦裔活動主持Naveed嘅心聲:“今次係我第一次成為需要講廣東話嘅主持,一開始覺得好緊張,但最後我都完成左! !我的而且確跳出咗我嘅舒適範圍,我亦都好享受今次嘅經歷!我依家好有信心喺未來成為任何活動嘅主持。” 負責包頭巾體驗環節嘅華裔學生Yvette嘅分享:“我學識到點樣去包頭巾同埋背後嘅因由,而且我都好開心可以同其他本地華裔參加者分享。呢個活動好有趣,而且大家一齊擁抱多元,推動文化,呢個畫面實在係太美啦!” 想睇多啲有關呢個計劃嘅資料同報名方法: 歡迎與我哋同行,一齊令香港變成一個更多元文化嘅國際大都會啦  [#WedoWednesday The birth of WEDO Cultural Stars @ International Day of Peace and Word Tourism Day] Participants of the Jockey Club 'GO! Leaders of the World' (GLOW)... Read more »

Sep 25 2017

Prafull Oorja: Melodies & Meditations for IDP

Melodies and Meditation was organized in honour of the UN IDP by Prafull Oorja Charitable Foundation at Lahe Lahe in Bangalore, India. The evening started with a lot of buzz at the venue with all... Read more »

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