If you have a child, your spouse needs dental work, and you need to have a cleaning, you need to visit a family dentistry office that has dentists and a staff in place for all patients. Sol Dentistry in El Paso, TX is the top family dentistry clinic for you to visit. Whether it is the first time your child is going to come in for a cleaning, or you need to be fitted for a filling, there are dental specialists on staff that can do these, as well as other types of dental work. Furthermore, the team can work with you on the weekends if you do not have time to come in during the week due to your work schedule. Or, if you do have a dental emergency that just can’t wait, they also offer emergency care, so you are not in lingering pain over the weekend. You can call to have an appointment made as soon as possible, so that you can deal with the pain, and make sure the dental work is done sooner rather than later.

Every patient has different needs when they come into a dentist office. When you choose Sol Dentistry for your family dentistry needs you have

  • Pediatric dentists on staff
  • Cosmetic teams
  • Orthodontic team
  • A team of implant specialists
  • Dental treatment plan coordinator
  • The top hygienist and whitening team

No matter what the type of care you need is, or what type of dental work you are going to have done, the staff can handle it. And, if you need to be sedated if you are afraid of the dentist or are coming in for extremely painful work, you can also rely on the team that’s in place to take care of you, and guarantee you’re as safe as possible when sedated, while they are performing your dental treatment. 

All patients need a different dental treatment plan to be set up when they come in for dental work. If a dentist offers a canned approach or one size fits all treatment, you want to go to a different office to ensure you’re getting the best care. When you choose Sol Dentistry, you’re in the best hands, as are the rest of your family members. With the top dental team in El Paso, TX, you can trust in the quality of the care, and dental work you have done, when you visit our local office.