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Think Peace Media and Communications

We are the media arm of Think Peace International, an organization made up of artists, educators, and social activists to build cultures of peace. The purpose of the Think Peace Media and Communications CC is to establish a forum to tell the stories, News and Current Events of interfaith cooperation, efforts to end religiously motivated violence, and the ideas, solutions and wisdom of those who are creating cultures of peace, justice and healing for the earth and its inhabitants.
Think Peace International, the parent organization, consists of artists, educators, and social activists whose goal has been to make a difference in the world in different segments of society through our peace work. We are young, old, black, brown, white and all the hues in-between. We come from all over the world, and we are different faiths, races, cultures, and genders. We are parts of groups and organizations dedicated to peacebuilding, but we are also individuals who walk the talk, with focuses from working in areas of conflict, to answering the call of the needy, to battling HIV-AIDS or poverty. We say, "We Can" and then "We Do!" We are Peace Collaborators, making a difference because we understand that we are not alone in our efforts.

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