UN Interfaith Peace

United Religions Initiative at the United Nations

The purpose of the URI-UN CC is to provide an ongoing presence for the United  Religions Initiative at the United Nations and to serve as a bridge between UN  programs and CCs worldwide. Based at the United Nations headquarters in New  York, our members include the team of URI representatives to the UN,  representatives of other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) affiliated with  the UN, and URI members worldwide who are interested in bringing their CCs into  greater alignment with United Nations goals and activities.  

URI-UN actively supports the agenda and calendar of the United Nations,  especially the International Day of Peace (21 September), the Sustainable  Development Goals, World Interfaith Harmony Week (1st week in February), the  Commission on the Status of Women (in March), the Indigenous Forum (in May)  and building a worldwide Culture of Peace. We also have a strong focus on peace,  justice, disarmament and protecting the environment.  

Our CC activities include organizing and co-hosting events, attending conferences,  and working in partnership with the UN Secretariat, Missions, agencies and staff,  as well as like-minded NGO groups. The URI presence at the UN is recognized for  adding spirit and hospitality to UN briefings, summits, conferences and meetings  in NY and around the world.  

URI-UN is a founding CC of the URI. URI-UN hosted a simultaneous parallel event  to the URI Charter signing at the United Nations in 2000, forging an indelible link  between these global organizations.  Please visit our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/group... 

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