The Interfaith Observer

The Interfaith Observer (TIO) is an independent monthly digital publication about all things interfaith. TIO goes to more than 12,000 faith and interfaith leaders around the world. Since launching in September 2011, more than 350 writers have contributed 1600+ stories; they’ve given their work for free in order to make subscribing to TIO free. TIO provides historical perspectives, surveys current interreligious news, and provides maps and sign-posts for newcomers. Along with examining our spiritual and religious differences, the journal inquires into shared core values, surveys religious news, offers various perspectives on the religious diversity enveloping humankind, and reflects on theological and spiritual issues.

A URI Cooperation Circle since its founding, TIO encourages other Circles to subscribe their membership (for free, of course) and to submit story ideas to Paul Chaffee, the editor. It’s a ‘free-bee’ you can give your constituency. You can reach Paul at [email protected] or at 415-775-4635. To see the most recent issue of TIO, go to Use the menus at the top to access earlier issues.

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