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Spirituality & the Earth CC: Linking the People of the Earth

The purpose of the Spirituality & the Earth CC is to foster and facilitate communication and cooperation between all those who feel a spiritual connection with the Earth.  We hope to make a difference by:

    * bringing together those who follow indigenous, tribal, pagan, nature-based, and Earth-centered spiritualities;

    * reaching out to spiritual traditions and groups (especially indigenous and tribal) who have not been involved in the process before;

    * sharing information and resources; and

    * bringing our combined wisdom to bear on the needs of the Earth and all livings beings.

Our diversity currently includes: Christianity, Heathenism, Hinduism, interfaith, Judaism, Native American traditions, Taoism, Wicca, and spiritually-focused science.  We currently have members on four continents, in: Canada, India, Mexico, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Venezuela (Regions: Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America).  We operate by consensus, assisted between meetings by an interim Coordinating Council.  We are a loose network of individuals with shared interests and concerns, who use the S&ECC to stay in touch and offer mutual support.  Recent projects have included:

    * Helping indigenous people of Latin America, including GC Trustees and CC representatives to understand and use the Western administrative processes that drive the URI;

    * Assisting with English language education for indigenous representatives;

    * Creating and maintaining a website for the Indigenous MCC in Latin America to aid ion their efforts to reach out to other indigenous people around the world.

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