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Faiths Without Borders / Uskot ilman rajoja

Our purpose is to promote constructive dialogue and cooperation between people from different cultures and faiths and convictions, internationally, to build the culture of peace and to work on the field of sustainable development for social justice, equality and peace and well-being for all, to promote Global Ethic and Golden Rule.

We plan to start an interfaith project regarding the Five Elements in order to promote sustainable lifestyle. The first couple of years of the project we will deal with the element of water.  This part of the project is called “Holy Drop!”. Faiths Without Borders is a part of the Interfaith Dialogue Network in Finland that each year gives the Golden Rule Award. We published a book called “Flikat maailman Turuilta” in cooperation with the Daisy Ladies. The book presents twenty interviews with women from different cultures who answer questions about things learned within families, from older generations, and about how things they have learned helped them through life. The book is a part of the project called Learning all the time. It is a part of the working group of environmental NGOs that has a task to create a national Zero Draft for Rio +20.

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