Networking Support Principle 10

Environmental Network Cooperation Circle

The Environmental Resource Cooperation Circle (ERCC) is a satellite group of URI that is made up of CC members, URI affiliates and staff  that acts as a resource for environmentally focused CCs throughout URI’s global network. Following URI’s Principle 10, the ERCC’s develops resources and relationships to actualize our commitment to “act from sound ecological practices to protect and preserve the Earth for both present and future generations.”

The ERCC is available as a resource for connection and coordination among Cooperation Circles in different regions throughout the world. Using webinars, environmental action toolkits, discussion groups, social media campaigns and trainings, the ERCC aims to enhance and promote the work of Cooperation Circles who are working toward solutions to environmental problems, and to support Cooperation Circles in becoming more ecologically sustainable.

The group also serves the URI global office and network as a resource for gathering news of the pressing ecological and social issues affecting humanity.

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