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Compassion for All Living Beings (C4ALB)

Compassion for All Living Beings Cooperation Circle (C4ALB CC) is dedicated to creating “cultures of peace, justice and healing for all living beings.” This includes humans and the Earth’s diverse living ecosystems. We are convinced that there is a disconnect between our talking about compassion and the way most animals are actually treated—and between the great work being done to protect the environment and activism when it comes to protecting animals. Cooperation Circle members will add stronger voices to the outcry against injustice and work to put an end to the disrespect, violence, and needless killing of animals, as well as practices that endanger entire species.
Our major focus currently is on advocating a vegan lifestyle free of all animal products and exploitation. In addition to dramatically reducing the suffering of fellow sentient beings, a vegan way of life promotes human health, makes ending world hunger achievable, protects biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and eliminates the need for dehumanizing jobs in animal agriculture.

We are currently developing a website to raise awareness and to motivate and help guide action. It will begin by highlighting the teachings of major world religions and cultures about the food we eat, how it affects our overall well-being, and how we treat animals. It will also offer many different options for engaging the issues of animal protection and promoting veganism by way of links to other leading resources on these topics. We welcome connections with animal rights activists from within the URI network and beyond!

Below you can find the Environmental Toolkit produced by URI's Environmental Resources Network. Three entries by this cooperation circle invite us to: 

Eat vegan one day a week

Exchange harmful and animal-tested household products with environmentally friendly ones

Learn about and abstain from entertainment that exploits animals

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