Reiki Healing

Circle of Healers

Circle of Healers is group of individuals who send the healing energy of Reiki to every person and every living being on the planet and beyond. We operate out of the home bases of each member, but understand our scope to be truly universal. Traditions represented in the membership includes Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, but the healers bring our prayers and healing to all the Earth regardless of religion, ethnicity or location.

Our purpose is to bring healing to all aspects of an individual’s life which include mental, spiritual, emotional and physical, each and every day. This is to empower each individual to their highest and best good.

We support the URI purpose by being mindful and prayerful for all the participants of URI. Daily we send the healing energy of Reiki to each and every person involved in this process of healing to every living being on the planet. We offer this support with love and caring. As we do this work, we too are blessed.

If you are a Reiki practitioner or are interested in learning more, contact Ardey Turner at 510-932-2724. Please text me to set up a time to talk.

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