Oct 20 2016

The United States at an Interfaith Crossroads

The United States at an Interfaith Crossroads by Paul Chaffee  This month’s TIO is being posted 25 days before one of the most momentous elections in the history of the United States. From an interfaith point of view, the implications are huge. My reflections are not designed to promote any candidate, but simply to notice the choices at hand from an interfaith perspective. The fury inspired by those who’ve been ‘left out’ for long decades have morphed around... Read more »

Oct 15 2016

Interfaith News Roundup

Interfaith News Roundup October 15,2016 September Was a Month of Celebrations and Blessings On September 21 the world celebrated the UN International Day of Peace at hundreds of sites circling the globe. The theme this year was “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.” On that same day, Pope Francis hosted leaders from the world’s religions to gather in prayer in Assisi on the thirtieth anniversary of the first such interfaith spiritual gathering, in 1986. Reuters reports that on September... Read more »

Mar 05 2008

Interreligious Dialogue and the problem of Media Attention

It is difficult to get any media attention for positive news, including Interreligious Dialogue activities. When Lance Trumbull came to Amsterdam to show his inspiring movie Everest: a Climb for Peace, I tried to get some media attention for this movie. But as usual, I experienced that GOOD NEWS IS NO NEWS. Travelling back from Amsterdam, I wondered why a negative movie about the Islam and the Qu’rán, a Dutch man is preparing is daily... Read more »

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